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 Property                                    Availabilty Date              Rent 
Malefant St.          Now  £550
Malefant St.          Now  £520
Colum Rd.- Cathays          Now  £550
Richmond Rd. - Cathays          Now  £600
Harrowby St. -Cardiff Bay          Now  £625
Burt St. - Cardiff Bay          Now  £650
Cathays Terrace- Cathays          Now  £600
ISIS - Cardiff Bay          Now  £600
Century Wharf          Now  £975
Overstone Court - Cardiff Bay
          Now  £625
Lower Cathedral Rd.          Now  £650
Miskin St- Cathays          Now  £575
St Joseph's Court
          Now  £650
The Malthouse          Now£1,200
Salisbury Rd.
          Now  £550
Glynrhondda St.
Station Rd.